Big Green Moving Machine offer some of the most competitive rates in the business. Our flexible pricing structure enables us to put together a package designed to meet the needs of each job at the best possible price.

We can tailor our quote to your individual requirements and advise you on the best option for you. This could be a site visit quote or an hourly rate quote.

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Hourly Rate Price Guide


1 packer at £30 per hour
2 packers at £50 per hour
3 packers at £65 per hour


1 man + 3.5 ton Jumbo Luton Van
£ 35 per hour

2 men + 3.5 ton Jumbo Luton Van
£ 55 per hour

3 men + 3.5 ton Jumbo Luton Van
£ 70 per hour

3 men + 2 x 3.5 ton Jumbo Luton Vans £ 75 per hour

4 men + 3 x 3.5 ton Jumbo Luton Vans £ 90 per hour


1 unpackers at £30 per hour
2 unpackers at £50 per hour
3 unpackers at £65 per hour

Minimum Booking Times Apply:

We can offer discounts for regular contracts or deliveries:

Morning jobs start at 8-8.30am when ever possible. The later the start the worse the traffic.
London traveling times are worked out on a postcode basis, except under extenuating circumstances, poor traffic, roadwork’s etc.

Parking is the client’s responsibility; any parking tickets received during loading/unloading will be added to the bill - see parking contacts page for relevant contact info

Any congestion charges will be added to the final bill.
Additional fuel surchargemaybe added for longer distance moves.

Packing Materials Pricing

Double Walled Small Box
 18” x 18”x 10”
£1.50 each

Double Walled Medium box
18” x 18” x 20”
 Used for small lamps, small kitchen appliances etc - £2.00 each

Double Walled Large box
 18” x 18”x 10”
£2.50 each

Used Box's -  £1 each

Roll of Tape - £1.50 each

Wardrobe Boxes - Used to protect your hanging clothes
£10.00 each or free rental on day of move

Small Bubble Wrap
750mm X 50m - £20 per roll
750mm X 100m - £30 per roll

Transit Blankets - £4 each

Packing Paper Wrapping (bundle) - £10
Tissue Paper Wrapping - £10

Mattress Cover - £3.00 each

Delivery/Collection Fee: where applicable £15.00

Congestion Charge Fee: £10

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